Justin Morrissey held the role of Production Manager for the highly acclaimed ‘The Turning’ chapter Immunity written by Tim Winton.


Immunity - The Turning








Multiplatform Producer in Residence

In 2013, Director of Salem Art Works Anthony Cafritz, invited Justin Morrissey to attend a very special artistic residency program in upstate New York.

Every individual who experiences Salem Art Works becomes integral to the voice and meter of this Upstate art colony. Simultaneously, the SAW experience is life changing for many people who take part, whether as an artist in residence, young artist, community member, or workshop participant. Without the confines of limitation, an openness is created, expanding what is possible.

SAW maintains a flexibility in programming, opportunities, and workshops in order to allow accessibility to all individuals and groups.

Justin, undertook several studies, music, film and sculpture which culminated in a recording of 3 original compositions.


To commemorate 100 years of service to Queensland, Justin Morrissey created this overview of their commitment to the superannuation industry. The project involved many hours of research at the QLD State Library and the National Film and Sound Archive.


Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Reimagining Roy McIvor was held at the Cairns Regional Gallery as a part of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair in September 2013.

A unique exhibition of works by Hope Vale Indigenous artist Roy McIvor will be presented for CIAF presents in August 2013 at the Cairns Regional Gallery. The exhibition will feature bark paintings and artefacts brought up from the Queensland Museum, which were created in the 1960′s. The exhibition will also feature new work by the 78 year old artist.


Reimagining - Stills -Roy McIvor - lino cut dancing crabs

Justin Morrissey was the Multiplatfrom Producer – Curator for the exhibition and digital content.


Reimagining - Stills - Roy McIvor -Burn Off

Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is an exhibition which is held in the most heralded of all beach front locations; Bondi Beach to the glitz of Tamarama.



2013 was a very special year for Justin. After working on the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition for over 7 years and this year employed as technical advisor to the Site Manager he was to exhibit his very own multimedia work in the exhibit.

If you’d like to see more of Sculpture by the Sea – check out this fly-though of the latest exhibition in Cottesloe, perth, Western Australia.

Multiplatform Producer